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Snow days in Maine

February 25, 2018

We’ve had a lot of them this year. Several good sized storms have kept the kids home. Snow days! Remembering them as a child. Waking up to watch the local news to see if your school’s name flashes across the screen. And then you see it. Yes, an unexpected day off. Hooray! The thrills that await you after breakfast. Dawn your winter clothes, grab a sled and away you go. Heaven.

It’s days like these when the earth stands still, temporarily hushing the clutter of noise we hear in the news surrounding us every day. Noise that disturbs us, worries us, frightens us, shocks us. Instead, we get to take a breath from it all, doing and noticing what really matters. Card games by the fire, candles on the mantel, smells of woodsmoke, the closeness of family. Taking time to notice how snowflakes swirl in the wind, settling on tree bows, tucking Mother Earth under a cold white blanket.

What if every day was like a snow day? Imagine how the world could be.

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