We enjoy hearing from our customers and posting their comments now and then. Do you have something to share? A recipe, suggestion, or comment?  Please email us at alison@maplepepper.com. Thank you.

"Just writing to let you know how much I LOVE your Maple Pepper with Garlic.  I’ve got my mom hooked on it and just told my sister in law as well.  Last night I used it to rub on my pork loin which I then seared and baked surrounded by carmelized onions and baby red potatoes.  It was AMAZING! Great product! Thanks!"  - Renee

You too can make it happen! Jim and Jay just did. They were looking for a store nearby that carries our products. Based on their inquiry, and us connecting with one of our distributors, The Pantry in Fairfield Connecticut now carries Maple Pepper Brand® Seasonings.  October 2020 

"My neighbor just gave me some of this Maple Pepper w/Habanero. I wanted to let you know that I sprinkled it on my wife's chicken salad that she makes. We have it on crackers, like a Ritz cracker every now and then. It was fabulous. It was really good. Just wanted to let you know that we really like it. Alright,  keep up the good work. I'll be trying more of it. Bye bye." - Duane 

"Just wanted to let you know I love the taste of your maple pepper Several years ago visiting Maine I found your product in a gift shop and tried it been a fan of it ever since Almost out of your pepper then last fall visiting a local farmers market here in PA found a vendor selling your pepper both original and habanero! Really love the habanero flavor, bought two more jars yesterday from same vendor. Thanks for a great product."  - Brian 

"Again Alison, I very much appreciate your call tonight.  My husband will be in Maple Pepper heaven for quite some time to come!!   He does so much for me, it's nice to spoil him a little...Thanks for helping me do that!!"  - Linda

"Thank you so much for getting back to me on this....I actually placed an order for the 1lb container of the original flavor, yesterday.  I had been buying the small jars, unaware of the larger sizes but it worked out better as I shared them with friends, neighbors, even the guys that go snowmobiling (on Moosehead) with my husband. Everyone loves it!!  Do you have a ‘referral program’?  hahahaha". - Liz

"Thank you for getting back to me on this!  It was delivered just before I got home yesterday.  I originally found this at a hospital gift shop, believe it or not, and haven’t been able to find it locally since then.  I ran out a week ago and my roasted carrots haven’t been the same without it. Thank you, again! " - Liz

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