Maple Pepper® w/Garlic (3 oz.)

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Maple Pepper® w/Garlic enhances the flavors of a robust cuisine that includes salmon, steak, burgers, poultry and Italian dishes. Pair with tomato based sauces and stews. The seasoning is ideal for garlic bread and pizza and in herbed butter for seafood, corn-on-the-cob, and potatoes. If it calls for pepper and garlic, why not use Maple Pepper® w/Garlic instead? Maple Pepper® w/Garlic is pure and simple. Try it once. You'll come back for more!

"I sprinkle Maple Pepper® w/Garlic on steaks along with a little olive oil before grilling. I make an olive oil and vinegar salad dressing and before tossing, I sprinkle in some Maple Pepper® w/Garlic. It makes a great rub on oven baked baby back pork ribs." -Sam from Huntington Beach, California

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